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Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc. offers customized Separately Managed Accounts for advisors to use with their clients. Our portfolios have a compelling story, especially today, that can give you, as a financial professional, a highly competitive solution to offer clients in today's investment climate.

Corporate Governance Portfolios

Our Corporate Governance portfolios represent the heart of what we do. These portfolios are an excellent alternative to traditional large-cap core portfolios. Our Corporate Governance portfolio is ideal for today's cautious investor seeking a degree of prudence regarding what is in their investment portfolio; they are also ideal for trust and other accounts where there may be fiduciary considerations. This portfolio strategy is appropriate for any client who seeks competitive performance combined with a high standard of due diligence.

Nothing is excluded in these portfolios; we are strictly looking for the "Best in Class."

We believe that quality corporate governance is a key part of the fundamental analysis we do when selecting securities for inclusion in a portfolio. In our process, we look at three important areas.

  • Transparency of reporting and operations.
  • Acceptance of and adherence to "Best Practices."
  • Highest integrity and reputation of Board Members and Corporate Officers.

We believe that the reliability and the quality of the information companies provide to shareholders, as well as the integrity of those who provide it, is as fundamental to the likely success of a company as is a strong financial analysis of what they provide. After all, shouldn't the quality of the information available be as closely evaluated as the content?

Advocacy Investing Portfolios

We wrote the book on positive selection vs negative screens. Our Advocacy Investing® approach provides a rational way to address issues like Respect for the Environment, Social Justice and/or Faith-Based issues. Our customized Separately Managed Accounts provide you with a powerful tool to deliver what your clients want. Exclusionary screens are only applied at the insistence of a client. Our approach is focused on the selection of positive company behaviors in the areas of Social Justice (which includes human rights, employment practices, and diversity), Respect for the Environment and Faith-Based issues.

  • We believe that every client's values are different; therefore, principled investing must encompass a tailored approach rather than the monolithic "one size fits all" used out of necessity by mutual funds.
  • We manage our customized portfolios of common stock such that the values of each client are positively reflected in a fully diversified portfolio.
  • Some studies indicate that over half of all affluent investors have something that they feel is important enough that they want to see it reflected in their investments. Despite this, the same studies indicate that only 1 in 50 advisors are having serious discussions with clients about what is important to them and how best to reflect those values in their portfolios.

Over time, we have consistently had competitive performance, so if you can support what you believe in and earn the same, or higher rate of return, why wouldn't you?

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