How can Advocacy Investing® help?

The Advocacy Investing® strategy empowers socially responsible individuals and organizations to invest their money in business enterprises that actively reflect and promote their own values and beliefs.

The Advocacy Investing strategy minimizes diversifiable risk because it does not rely exclusively on exclusionary screening processes like traditional socially responsible investing (SRI) often does.

The Advocacy Investing approach accommodates exclusionary screens where the investor's philosophical or religious beliefs require them.  But it goes well beyond negative screening to positively align the portfolio with the investor's core convictions. 

When SRI limits the industries in a portfolio, it becomes less diversified, and riskier.  Advocacy Investing seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns by selecting securities by exacting financial and governance standards as well as criteria reflective of each investor's unique social and environmental concerns.

Who can benefit from Advocacy Investing®?

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The Mission-Driven Venture: Business Solutions to the World's Most Vexing Social Problems

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