How does Advocacy Investing® build on traditional Socially Responsible Investing?

Traditional Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)
By screening out “sin stocks,” most socially responsible mutual funds afford socially conscious investors with modest investable assets an opportunity to give voice to their values. But portfolios that are not broadly diversified do not deliver the highest risk-adjusted investment returns. Moreover, mutual funds are unlikely to reflect any specific investor’s core beliefs or mission. For the client with significant investable assets, there is a better way.

Advocacy Investing®—The Next Generation of Socially Responsible Investing®


Advocacy Investing provides the investor a highly personalized approach to investing that directly reflects the investor’s core beliefs or mission.

  • Actively manages each client’s unique portfolio, taking SRI to the next level.
  • Collaborates with the investor to use a best-of-class approach to security selection. Screens for positive company behaviors in the areas of social justice (which includes human rights, employment practices, and diversity) and respect for the environment.
  • Dynamically enables investors to leverage their portfolios to drive their values.
  • Promotes individual values and missions through proxy voting, and the support and initiation of shareholder actions.
  • Respects Modern Portfolio Theory by maintaining optimal diversification in every portfolio.
  • Accommodates industry exclusion where an investor's philosophical or religious beliefs require it, but with appropriate portfolio adjustments to mitigate risk.
  • Is Customized to reflect the client’s core values and principles.

How can Advocacy Investing® help?

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